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At the core of our operations lies a firm commitment to values such as compassion and integrity, upon which our company is founded. With a service user-centric approach, our Managing Director, Jewell Khan, is leading the charge to ensure that our business revolves around meeting their needs. Wellington HealthCare dedicated to elevating training and care delivery standards, while also seeking to empower our clients. It is our goal to enable informed decision-making for all those who avail of our care and support services.

People First

Wellington Health offers exciting employment opportunities in the nursing and residential care sector. We prioritise the people we serve, creating a safe, stimulating, and friendly environment for both staff and prospective residents. We offer excellent career prospects in a supportive and enriching work environment, ensuring that our employees receive the same high-quality care as our prospective residents. Join Wellington Healthcare for fulfilling opportunities that prioritise people-centred care.

Lifestyle Choice

With an independent and fulfilling lifestyle at the heart. Wellington Healthcare prospective clients enjoy a life less ordinary, surrounded with personal connections and choice.

Expert Care

Wellington Healthcare offers expert care to in a compassionate and nurturing environment. From lifestyle support to Alzheimer’s, dementia, respite and palliative care - whatever you or your family need, we deliver it with skill and kindness.


"I enjoy my job because there's trust between the staff. It's like a second family and we look out for each other."


"I like it here and getting everything done for me. I like to try to help when I can. Everyone is so lovely and takes care of me."


Home From Home 

Our services range in size, location and style, yet our quality of care, support and love for our prospective clients remains consistent.

Join Us

Delivering person-centred care to our workforce is as important to us as the care we provide to our residents. We nurture and support our talented employees, providing flexibility where we can and demonstrating real appreciation of their personal needs and ambitions.


Wellington Healthcare company provides employment opportunities in luxurious care homes that offer a supported independent lifestyle. From boutique hotel-style homes to larger, prestigious facilities equipped with the latest nursing facilities and exclusive services, we prioritise luxury and comfort in care. Our homes are designed to provide residents with a comfortable and opulent living experience, while also offering support and assistance tailored to their unique needs. Join Wellington Healthcare for an exciting career in a care home that blends luxury and care seamlessly.

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