Care Co-Ordinators

Our team is comprised of Care Co-ordinators, Carers, Management, and a Training Academy.

The Care Co-ordinators play a vital role in organising and coordinating care for our service users. They work closely with the Carers to ensure that the needs of each service user are met and that care plans are tailored to their specific requirements. 


Our Carers are dedicated individuals who provide compassionate and high-quality care to our service users. They work tirelessly to support and assist those in need, helping them to maintain their independence and dignity


The Management team provides leadership and guidance to our staff, ensuring that our services are delivered efficiently and effectively. They are responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations, as well as developing long-term strategies to improve our services.

Training Academy

Our Training Academy is committed to providing comprehensive and ongoing training to our staff. They ensure that our Carers receive the necessary training to deliver safe, effective, and compassionate care to our service users. They also provide opportunities for professional development and career advancement within our company.

Centre Values

Our company's foundation is based on a set of core values that drive us forward. We are fuelled by a strong passion for our work and the positive impact it has on our service recipients. Our commitment to community is evident in our efforts to provide employment opportunities and care to those in need, promoting inclusivity and participation. Trust is at the centre of all our relationships with service users, staff, and health and social care professionals. Compassion is a crucial aspect of our service delivery, and we prioritise it in all interactions with staff and service users. Our integrity is unwavering, and we hold ourselves to strong moral principles. We provide stability to our staff and those we care for through effective communication and working practices.


"I enjoy my job because there's trust between the staff. It's like a second family and we look out for each other."


"I like it here and getting everything done for me. I like to try to help when I can. Everyone is so lovely and takes care of me."


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